Hi Everyone!

My name is Tony Raciti, and I thought it was time to share the knowledge and experience I’ve gained as a professional personal trainer the past 15 years. So…welcome to Muscle Armor.

I’m a past competitive bodybuilder and now find coaching others into shape is more rewarding. One of the key factors of muscle growth is correct form, focusing on making the muscle work, not how much you can lift which only leads to injury. I’m launching my blog with instructional videos of hints and tips on recognising bad form and how to correct it. To the experienced gym goer. this will probably be general knowledge, yet we still see people performing exercises incorrectly, almost cringeworthy. So I hope I can help with simple instructions everyone can understand, no matter your level of experience.

I’m also launching with a Muscle Armor gym wear range. I know you’re saying there’s already a million online gym clothing stores, but I’m yet to find cuts that fit my body and that are not overpriced. So I figured I’m not alone. It’s only a small store to start but I plan on growing this range over the coming months. Garments are made for comfort with lightweight 100% cotton and style cut to show off your assets. The best part is they’re affordable. We haven’t cut any corners so rest assured you're getting quality gear.

I hope you enjoy the site and we at Muscle Armor welcome you to the family.


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