Glute Training

Glute Training

The next Quick tips video comes from a request for some glute exercises.
The glutes are the most powerful muscle in the body.
But there is more to the bottom than one thinks. There is a whole series of muscles in the glutes not just the gluteus maximus and minor. There are a lot of nerves from your spine into your ass. So therefore exercising your buns is not just to look nice but more importantly is to protect your back from injury.

Ok so we all have an ass right.

How do you get the bum you desire.
First off we all have a different shape booty but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice one.
With diet , exercise and cardio you can achieve the buns your after.
In the video I have done cable kickbacks but that’s only one exercise and it’s one I use regularly. But don’t forget there are hundreds of exercises for your butt. So don’t forget to do the most important ones Squats, lunges ,deadlifts ,step ups.
With this post there is a pic of the Anatomy and some pics of different levels you can achieve going from the toned butt to the ass of steel. It’s up to you how far you want to go.




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